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In an overstressed world full of worries, taking care of your body and its appearance is not only necessary, the time spent on yourself should also make you feel special. If you live in Houston and that’s your idea of self-care, Q Rose Nails & Eyelashes is exactly the place you are looking for. 

Q Rose Nails & Eyelashes is one of the best Nail Salons in Houston and undoubtedly the best place for Eyelashes and Permanent Makeup. While you will be waiting to get our premium services, you will get manicure pedicure, wax, because if you come to the best salon in Houston, we make sure that you’ll remember it as the best day of your week. You can come to Q Rose Nails & Eyelashes for getting your eyelashes done; for permanent makeup; for your nails or for manicure and pedicure, all at fair price. 

Let’s walk you through the details about the services you get from the Q Rose Nails & Eyelashes.

One of the best Nail Salon in Houston:

We at Q Rose Nails & Eyelashes are proud that we have one of the best nail technicians and manicurists in all of Houston. Whether you want acrylic nails; want to get silk and fibred wraps for your nails, polish, nail repair, oil treatment, manicure or pedicure, we do it all for you at the right price. 

Even though you can get manicure and pedicure from anywhere these days but it is the most relaxing part of your visit at a nail salon. And if done by our experienced manicurists, you’ll surely want more every day.

Permanent Makeup:

In today’s busy world, permanent makeup is getting popular and the industry is growing every day. Imagine having makeup on for the office; going to the gym with it and party all night without having to worry about it. But finding the right place for permanent makeup in northwest Houston can be difficult, and since it is permanent, you need to do it right the first time.

Apart from the final outcome of the services, you also need to keep in mind that it involves the micro pigmentation on your skin, so you need to make sure that the place you are getting it from is a place that follows all the codes for health and safety. We have been doing this for some time now and we have a list of satisfied customers that can vouch for us in this regard as well.

Get your Eyelashes Done:

If you want to get your eyelashes done for a party, a dinner or any other occasion, then Q Rose Nails & Eyelashes is the best place in Houston for it. We do the eyelashes extensions and eyelash makeup. Whether you want longer eyelashes or you’re worried about their thickness, we will do it the way you want. 

These are all the services that we feel confident about and we have many satisfied customers that can vouch for us being the best nail salon and the best in the Houston for Eyelashes, Permanent Makeup, Manicure and Pedicure. Though we are the best at providing these services, we aim to provide maximum customer satisfaction at fair price.

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